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Posted by Chad Melius on Thursday 12 June 2014

Show off your tan!

Our slogan says it. We will tell you what you need to know, but it may not always be what you want to hear.

We have no qualms about warning you of the dangers of tanning. But we know that many of you are going to get a tan anyway, since you like the way it makes you look and feel. So we will tell you what you can do to lessen the dangers.

In light of recent advances in the scientific study of skin cancer, many of our older posts are now completely out-of-date. So that you can keep up with the latest information more easily, we are now publishing a monthly digest of articles about headaches.

Remember, it’s impossible to have a tan without cancer-causing damage to your DNA and without causing future wrinkles. For a healthy tan eat carrots and use self-tanner. Remember these simple tips:

  • Use broad-spectrum zinc sunscreen and reapply every two hours or when you get wet.
  • Add an extra layer of protection with a full-brimmed hat and sun protective clothing.
  • Avoid tanning beds!

Skin Tanning News

Posted by Chad Melius on Friday 7 November 2014

As expected, there is less interest in tanning in the fall and winter months. But we managed to find a few skin tanning articles that should be of interest: a skin cancer promoting protein, a new benefit of skin tanning, and what to do before a sunless skin tanning session.

If you find an article that you think would be interesting to our readers, please send us a message from our Contact Page.


A new study published in Cancer Research shows SIRT6 — a protein known to inhibit the growth of liver and colon cancers — can promote the development of skin cancers by turning on an enzyme that increases inflammation, proliferation and survival of sun-damaged skin cells…

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Sunless Checklist

Thinking about doing a sunless tan before your next big event or vacation? Prepping your skin properly beforehand and timing your sunless tanning session before an event are key to achieving a picture-perfect glow. Check out our expert recommendations before making your trip to Sun Tan City…

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Three-dimensional model of NO by Benjah-bmm27 is in the Public Domain - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nitric-oxide-3D-vdW.png

Nitric oxide, released by the skin in response to sun exposure, can help regulate metabolism, limit weight gain and decrease risk of type 2 diabetes, according to new research published in the journal Diabetes… Dr. David Ray of Manchester University said. “These findings support the idea that a healthy lifestyle should include time outside in the sunshine, not only for exercise, but also to benefit from sunlight on skin.” …

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Tanning News Update

Posted by Chad Melius on Friday 3 October 2014

Well, summer is over, and with it, the outdoor tanning season. This month we have some articles about indoor tanning, some interesting research about skin cancer, and some tips on taking care of your skin in the off-season. Read more …

Skin Cancer II – Symptoms, Eradication, and Prevention

Posted by Chad Melius on Thursday 4 September 2014

Photo in the Public Domain - by John Hendrix, MD

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Getting diagnosed with skin cancer can be a frightening experience. If it happens to you, be calmed by the fact that it can be defeated, if detected and treated early enough. Read more …

Tanning News Snippets

Posted by Chad Melius on Monday 11 August 2014

Some positive news about tanning this month: it provides natural vitamin D, which is good for us. And also some negative news: the surgeon general issues “A Call to Action to Prevent Skin Cancer”, but in an interview he cast some doubt about the report’s conclusions! Read more …

Understanding Melanoma

Posted by Chad Melius on Sunday 27 July 2014

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2:53 min – published September 27, 2013

Expert: Hadley King, M.D. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Dermatologist, Skin Cancer Specialist

Melanoma is the deadliest skin cancer. This video will help you to understand melanoma causes and symptoms. Learn about ABCDE – an acronym for the five warning signs of melanoma – any one of which can indicate that a mole is really a melanoma. The four basic categories of melanoma are illustrated and described.

Tanning – The Latest News

Posted by Chad Melius on Thursday 10 July 2014

We have some unusual snippets for you this month. The tanning industry fights back, and tanning addiction is compared to heroin addiction! Read more …