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How to Tan Your Armpits During the Winter

Posted by Chad Melius on Sunday 19 February 2012

While it may be easy to go outdoors on a sunny day, open and lift your arms, and expose your armpits to get a nice even tan, not so many people have the option to do it – especially when winter comes around and snow kicks in. The alternative way to tan your armpits is to do it indoors, in the most effective and safest way possible. Read more …

Mystic Tan Instructional Video

Posted by Chad Melius on Sunday 11 January 2009

Mystic Tan Instructional Video that shows how the Spray Tan System Works and what to do

Airbrush Tanning

Posted by Chad Melius on Wednesday 31 December 2008

Better TV shows you one way to get that healthy summer glow without the dangerous rays.

Best Spray Tanning Products

Posted by Chad Melius on Thursday 30 October 2008

This video by EnvyTan explains what products you should use before you apply your sunless spray tan.

How To Apply Spray Tan : How To Tan Your Armpits

Posted by Chad Melius on Thursday 23 October 2008

How to apply sunless spray tan to the armpits. For a more natural look, the inside of the arms should be more lightly sprayed than the rest of the arm. The correct technique is shown by a certified beautician.

Two Minute Turbo Tan Spray Tanning System

Posted by Chad Melius on Thursday 25 September 2008

A real-time demonstration of how the Pro Tanning Systems spray tanning works.