How to Tan Your Armpits During the Winter

Posted by Chad Melius on Sunday 19 February 2012

While it may be easy to go outdoors on a sunny day, open and lift your arms, and expose your armpits to get a nice even tan, not so many people have the option to do it – especially when winter comes around and snow kicks in. The alternative way to tan your armpits is to do it indoors, in the most effective and safest way possible.

Tanning Beds

The most popular method of indoor tanning is to use tanning beds. In order to tan your armpits, you have to lie either face up or down in a tanning bed and lift your arms so that your armpits are exposed directly to the UV radiation from the tanning bed. Or, if you can find one, use a stand up tanning bed, so it’s more comfortable to lift your arms.

The recommended time of exposure in a tanning bed is no more than 20 minutes; however, time usually varies depending on the intensity of the uv radiation, and the manufacturer of the tanning bed. It is also recommended to always use a tanning lotion specifically for indoor tanning sessions on a tanning bed.

The length of time needed to a get a good tan on your underarms would be approximately 1 to 3 days, depending on your skin. The tan will last from 3 to 6 days. Be careful not to overuse the tanning bed on a daily basis, to always wear the goggles provided at the salon, and to always apply an indoor tanning lotion before using a tanning bed.

Spray Tanning & Airbrush

The second most popular method of indoor tanning is to spray tan your body, or to use an airbrush.

The spray method requires that you go to a spray tanning salon and stand inside a booth. An attendant then applies a mist of spray tanning solution to your underarms.

The airbrush method involves going to an airbrush tanning salon, where a tanning technician manually applies the airbrush tanning solution onto your body. The airbrush technique is ideal when you want to have your whole body tanned, without missing any spots.

Before you go to the spray tanning salon, do the following:

exfoliate your skin
  • Exfoliate your skin. It is important to exfoliate your armpits before tanning, because of the reaction of the tanning solution with your skin. If proper exfoliation is not done, bumpy patches of dry skin will appear, causing uneven coloring.
  • Waxing & shaving. If you plan to do hair removal on your armpits, it is recommended that you do it before the tan. Hair removal eliminates dead skin cells that make the tanning solution react more effectively, and last longer.
  • Avoid wearing perfume, make-up, or deodorant. These products can prevent the tanning solution from reacting with your skin effectively. Do not use cosmetics, perfume, or deodorant on your armpits when doing spray tanning.

Once the process is done, either by spray tanning or airbrush, the tanning solution will slowly react with your skin, creating a darker color. You can take a shower after 4 hours. The tan usually lasts between 3 to 7 days.

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