What Options Are Available For Self Tanning?

Posted by Chad Melius on Tuesday 24 May 2011

Most of us would prefer to have a tanned body. It’s more appealing and healthy-looking, especially in the summertime. But most of us also know that the sun’s rays are dangerous to our skin. Ultraviolet radiation can cause sunburn in just a few hours – and skin cancer in the long run.

Tanning salons allow you to get a sunless tan. But unfortunately, they also emit ultraviolet radiation. And they definitely cost money.

There is a much better way to get your skin to turn a darker color – self tanning. This usually involves nothing more complicated than a trip to the drugstore. Read more …

How to Properly Apply Sunscreen

Posted by Chad Melius on Monday 9 May 2011

Most people who use sunscreen do it all wrong, says dermatologist Dr. Schultz. The most common mistake is not using enough to do the job properly.

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Can Sunscreen Lotion Cause Skin Cancer?

Posted by Chad Melius on Monday 2 May 2011

Most people know, and scientists have proven, that the sun is bad for you. Prolonged exposure can cause sunburn, and – even worse – give rise to skin cancer over a period of time.

For many years, sunscreen was touted as a way to prevent skin cancer for people who spend some time in the sun. It blocked type B ultraviolet rays, and these were known to be the catalyst that causes sun tan. However, research in the 80s showed that type A UV rays do more damage to the skin than type B rays, and they even have the ability to penetrate glass and light clothing. Read more …

10 Tips To Prevent Skin Cancer

Posted by Chad Melius on Saturday 14 March 2009

Skin cancer is preventable! Here are 10 tips to help you keep your skin free of cancer. More video tips available at http://www.healthguru.com

Skin Cancer I: Causes

Posted by Chad Melius on Saturday 7 March 2009

Who can get skin cancer?

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Anybody can get skin cancer. Some people are genetically more susceptible, but noone is immune. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is what causes skin cancer. And you are exposed to sunlight every time you go outdoors.

Lots of people like to lie outside in the sun, in order to get a nice suntan. They may think that all they’re risking is a sunburn, which will go away in a few days time. But this is just wishful thinking – they’re really risking skin cancer, which can lie dormant for years. More …

How To Identify the Signs Of Skin Cancer

Posted by Chad Melius on Thursday 5 March 2009

Helpful information on how to detect skin cancer from Dr. Susan Jewell.